What is Leadership Contagion?

November 25, 2009

Learn the equation for your leadership contagion. Are you plus or minus?  How do you as a leader, manager, follower or independent contributor attract or repel others you work with? The equation of your contagion- plus or minus- is what this blog is about: your emotion contagion.  As a leader you can get people to […]

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CEO Coach Robinson Blog #Three: Further notes on follower-ship

November 24, 2009

Image via Wikipedia consider what being a follower of a team teaches us: The fan teaches the boy how to be a Father. The insight has been seeping into my mind like a slowly leaking faucet.  The boy who was a fan turned out to be a fan (in my case a Yankee fan) who […]

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CEO Coach Robinson Blog #Two: CEO Followers and CEO Leaders

November 23, 2009

Two CEO Followers and CEO Leaders We can’t really talk about leadership without thinking about followers, and follower-ship. As a CEO Coach, the fact is that I frequently coach those who are Direct Reports of CEOs. Frequently their allegiance to their CEO bosses is something admirable. Based on my experience as an Executive Coach for more than twenty-five years, I’d say this is the main failing of most Executives in organizational America- they are unbelievably hard workers, but they are not great champions of dissent, even when they have reasons to disagree with decisions at the top.

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CEO Coach Robinson Blog #One: The Financial Crisis and a pathology of the Leadership Contagion by CEO Coach Robinson

October 19, 2009

Image via Wikipedia It’s the contagion, stupid! One year into the biggest economic meltdown since the Great Depression and we still don’t get it. What we don’t get is: the power of contagion.   Or maybe the problem is that we do get it, but we don’t know what to do about it. Bear Stearns went […]

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