CEO Coach Robinson Blog # Twelve: Why winners win… and what about the role of adversity?

by admin on July 18, 2011

Newsweek magazine has an interesting article in the July 18 issue
called “Why Winners Win at…”

The article quotes Andre Agassi from his book Open, Timothy Galway, a
coaching colleague who is the author of the Inner Game of Tennis and
a host of others making several powerful points. Among them:

+ Winners have certain things that others don’t have- one of them
is extreme fitness; but fitness is not the only determinant of what
separates winners from losers.

+ “Winners get in their own way less,” is the way Galway economically
phrases it.

+ Scientists have long studied how testosterone helps produce
winners. According to recent scientific studies a small mix of cortisol
helps regulate testosterone. But too much cortisol mixed with high
testosterone may actually impede winning.

+ Winning experiences produce a testosterone “jolt” for the winners.
Thus, the old saying that nothing begets winners like winning, is being
confirmed in the laboratory.

Although these studies of winning are very interesting, to write about
success without studying failure- or coming back from failure- seems
to be looking at only half the picture.

As the Japanese Women’s Soccer Team proved on Sunday July 17
with its win over the USA Women’s team in a thrilling match, there
is something about coming back from defeat and remaining resilient
which gives us yet an entirely different lens as we look at what it takes
to win.

People who have faced and have come back from adversity probably
offer more of a lesson for the majority of us than all the laboratory
studies in the world on the Rx for winning.

As anyone who has come back from adversity can tell you, the
comeback has a magical way of reducing self-doubt and fear while
simultaneously raising-self-confidence. With self-doubt and fear
minimized, and self-doubt increased, we are well on our way to
becoming the best possible versions of ourselves.

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