CEO Coach Robinson Blog # Ten- Leadership

by jeremy.robinson on October 15, 2010

Leadership is a funny thing.  We are in awe of leaders and also seem to take sadistic glee in their failure [especially when we hate their politics].  Leaders that we know from our companies or our communities may be another matter.  When a leader whom we trust fails, a little bit of us fails at the same time.  In this information age, when too much information is available about everyone, it may be especially hard for any of us to trust any leader.  This distrust, bordering on cynicism, may be masking wildly idealistic hopes we have of our leaders.

We need to remember that our leaders are only as good as we are as followers.  If we don’t give leaders our feedback, if we withdraw from the process of participating in a company, a community or a nation, how can we say that our leaders have failed us?  We weren’t even there to participate in the process.

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